Become a member of The Moor Club

Any person over the age of eighteen years (or fourteen in the case of Junior Members) shall be eligible for Memberships at The Moor Club.

Junior Members will need to have their application countersigned by a parent or guardian.

Once submitted your application with be processed by the club and, if accepted, you will be informed when your membership card is ready to pick up.

Please ensure you have your membership card with you when you visit the club to claim your discounts at the bar. If your membership card is misplaced, kindly reach out to for assistance.

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Register for Memberships at The Moor Club in 3 easy steps!

  1. Fill out our membership form below.
  2. Complete the payment for your memberships.
  3. Join us at the club to collect your membership card.

New Member

Pictures will be held in the database for the staff to check if necessary.

Membership Renewals are now closed.

Membership renewals will open in December.

If you have missed the deadline to renew your membership this year, please come into the club and renew your membership with us directly, or click here to email us: